Rainy Days
Sep 30,2014 - 6 notes

Most of them would be drawings from my sketchbook if that’s fine~ ; v ; I’ve been doing a lot more traditional lately! I saw a couple mentions about trades and they are always welcomed too~ > v < I can do art trades in digital and in colour so I can give you something a little nicer than a camera phone picture if you like~ ; u ;

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Sep 30,2014 - 12 notes

Doodling OCs if anyone wants me to draw theirs ;v;

Sep 24,2014 - 53 notes

Sophia chibi ; v ; Resized.

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Sep 11,2014 - 91 notes

New WIP of this one. Lost all my brushes and settings starting over on my new computer. 

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Sep 3,2014 - 46,336 notes
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